Maître de la maison

J'aurais dû ne pas l'écouter, me confia-t-il un jour, il ne faut jamais écouter les fleurs. Il faut les regarder et les respirer.

- - -

Greetings. I am Darach, the Valet of the Battle Castle. I once battled under the supervision of Lady Caitlin, who was unable to fulfill her duties as the Frontier Brain at that time. However, that was many years ago; she has since moved on to become an Elite in a distant region, and now I run the Battle Castle on my own.

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[Caitlin smiles at this, her first genuine smile in awhile.] Of course I hold you in such high regard, Darach! It would pain me not to do so, and I apologise for any hurt I caused you when I was in Sinnoh.. and you still are so kind to be my most trusted friend, and to stick by me even when I was difficult to deal with.

[With this the former Princess let out a giggle, and everything seemed to ease off of her chest.] Ah it is? It seems so strange for me to be in Unova, well-well without you by my side, and I simply had to grow! I agree, it has been forever but it feels as thought it was yesterday when I was at the Battle Castle with you, watching you battle every challenger.. [She nods, a smile still plastered on her face.] I have grown, and as have you! Time goes quite fast does it not? I am enjoying Unova very much, and I thank you Darach! It is nice to be able to battle challengers for myself, but I am still grateful that you helped me all this time.

Please, my lady, there is no need to dwell on negative thoughts. Surely you know that no apology is needed—I never once became exasperated or upset with you. It was not my place; as any proper Valet would, I remained loyally by your side, through good times and bad. You could never possibly do anything that would warrant an apology to me.

I understand. I was terribly worried when you first left, and I suppose I still am—though by now, my pride greatly outweighs my concern. It makes me happier than you can possibly know to see you so capable, so independent. I will always miss your presence here in the Castle; no matter how thoroughly cleaned nor the amount of laughter from challengers that fills its halls, it continues to lack the same vivacity and life that it did when you were here.

But I digress—I am very proud of you, and nothing if not happy to have been of assistance.

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It is alright Darach, all that matters is that you have returned once more! I know, you are my most loyal servant, and most loyal friend so I know you would never mean to leave on purpose.

[She smiles at this, placing a piece of loose hair behind her ear.] I am glad you have missed me, Darach. It has been a long time since we have last spoken.

Of course, my lady. *He places a gloved hand on his chest, bowing with a slight smile himself.* I’m honored that you hold me in such high regard, and happy to know that my return pleases you so.

*He adjusts his glasses, chuckling.* How could I not? The life of a Valet is empty without his employer, isn’t it? Ah, too long, if you ask me—but my, how you’ve grown since last we met! You must be enjoying your life in Unova, yes?

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D-Darch! Oh you idiot, you have seem to have returned! Where on earth did you go~? It is never nice to leave your Lady waiting you know..

I am glad to see you once more.

Mes excuses les plus sincères, my lady. You know that I could never leave—I have been and shall remain your loyal servant.

And I you. I’ve missed you dearly.

arcade-star-dahlia said: What about your coat, other than that it is very nice? :D *TIGHTER HUG.*

I’ve just had it pressed, and it would be a shame if it were to become wrinkled. Though I do appreciate your enthusiasm to see me—and thank you, I am admittedly rather fond of this one in particular.

arcade-star-dahlia said: DARACH AND ALL OF YOUR FABULOUSNESS

*Clings to him.*


I am pleased to see you here. *He offers a somewhat exasperated smile.* But, please, my coat…

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